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here's a whole set of Dee double over funky

And remember his dub over Reign? 45 mins into this set (probably my favourite funky set of all time this)


I used to play this loads. Not the UK Agent X, obviously, it's just a really basic detroit house EP at the core of it but something about the chords, the floating vocal samples, just the vibe of it all.
Side B one of the best sides of vinyl I own I think. Never really bought much of these styles but it really is something to me. On A Journey man what a tune
No real significance or big paragraphs here, will return later in the week


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Amazing D Double E tune from a couple of pages later in that thread

Reading this thread makes me sad cos it's from a bygone era of dissensus where we collectively felt uncomplicatedly enthusiastic about something – even Luka seems to have been on board!


bandz ahoy
won't derail the thread but had to post this luka quote re: ILM somewhere lol


becasue a) theyre a bunch of snarky cunts.
b) a lot of the people know so much more than me theres no point me posting anything.
c)they're a sad bunch. i remember someone who wouldnt appreciate me saying their name telling me he'd gone to meet a bunch of them once about 10 years ago and tehy were a bunch of fat sexless scurf ridden awkward weirdos with greay hair and a waxy pallor who avoided eye contact or speaking above an embarressed mumble.
the oly thing dissensus knows more about is london centric things, grime, dubstep, road rap, jungle...
if you compare a hiphop or r&b thread from there to here you'll see the difference in knowledge is enormous.


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Reading this thread makes me sad cos it's from a bygone era of dissensus where we collectively felt uncomplicatedly enthusiastic about something – even Luka seems to have been on board!

Luke loved funky house, his favorite track was 'In the morning'


bandz ahoy
Yeah it's weird I thought he hated it

There are many posts in there where he's trying to get us nerds to go to proper raves in Stratford but nobody gives him ear
67 - 64

These days if you want to make half-decent dough (or at least keep your sanity) i think you need to try and get out of the city, really. All those hours spent struggling in the city traffic, A2 standstill, blackwall tunnel, ULEZ; shite. These days I get stuck into the M25 instead, out to the minor industrial zones, west london, herts, the ebb and flow of the canvey island delta. Is it any better? No.
But i am in specialist industries, not a hybrid work from home lad, we only tend to do that on a Friday for the paperwork really. So off you go, make endless playlists, bang it out.
Ultimately in the car you have to be able to sing along i think; it's easy to be a music head but a lot harder to get to know the lyrics to every Patrice Rushen song off "Now"
So i have ended up with some of the best 80s boogie playlists in the business, I reckon. You need apple music for them, though

Wont post the truly bait ones that you've all heard before so lets go for some Steve Monite from Lagos (what a bassline btw), BB&Q Band (you have to shout out RUNNING when they do), Aurra for the seamless segue from spoken word intro into first verse I can think of, and then Lou Rawls for when you get home and you're trying to be nice to the Mrs

If you are feeling bait you can swap these out for Teardrops, D Train, a bit of Luther, upto you. The playlist these are off is near on seven hours so they're all in there somewhere
63 - 60

Lets do the other side of that now with some pearls from the r&b filth playlist that i can't really play around the young lad. Some might say me driving round signing all the words to Good Comfort in a might be a comical sight, i couldn't possibly comment on that.

Yes these all have millions of views, they are bait, i don't care. Pressure is so good man. Kaytranada remix of Teedra Moses obviously a lot more wholesome

I will post some obscure Roman Road grime in the 50s to balance this all out
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Lets cheat a bit again and do a multiple tune Monkstar & Alley post

"Hold on wait who's that a double"

Not many Alley tunes- this is the only one on the internet i think- and seeing as I mostly just listen to grime MCs no-one's really heard of, let's carry on. Other historians may be able to correct me but Alley used to knock around with D Double, Footsie, all that lot - hence the Monkstar vocal here. ("you must be monkey, alley and dee" etc)
I love these minimal rolling old grime beats, good energy, nice lost relic again. If you can get hold of Box Bloody Fresh, its on the CD that comes with it, which is probably the best CD with any of the old grime DVDs. The rap tape is shit but it does have a cool dancehall track from Gods Gift and Shizzle which is far better than that combo sounds

Monkstar obviously used to knock about with Newhams as well but i think there was too much god in his head to stay in the game or something? Who knows. He came back for a bit then disappeared again but kind of a novel flow for the time, and terminator definitely jacked it off him even if he was funnier.
Lots of good old tunes with clunky beats knocking about.

Will lash the full length Destruction in this post as well as its one of the best multi-vocal rhythms. Love that they don't mention Wiley in the video title ha
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I'm gonna have a grime day tomorrow and catch up with all of these posts. What a great thread.

Lets lash a studio set in here. Nasty b2b Roll Deep 2003, slightly weird mixing at times but some great MC moments in this one

God's Gift not to everyone's taste I know but him and D Double stars of the show here i think