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although there are some Shaw Brothers kung fu films where that is called the "drunken master sleeping lion form" as far as I can recall

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Here's a good one. My wife has a friend who has a daughter who's five or so, and she's thinking of taking the girl out of her primary school and sending her to another one as the school she's in has this demented scheme whereby children are forced to read aloud while a computer running some bullshit software measures their reading speed, and then they're allowed to access books from the school library only up to whatever set level they've 'achieved'. I think if I saw this in an episode of Black Books about a society that's run by soulless idiots whose only concern is the bottom line I'd think they were laying it on a bit thick. Don't education and child development experts pretty much universally say that the less you formally assess children, and the later you start doing it, the better they do? Doesn't Finland, where children don't even take exams until they finish high school at 18, have one of the best education systems in the world?

The irony is that the present dominant faction of the Tory party - the right-populist, Brexity one - came to power in large part by exploiting public antipathy to technocracy. And yet here we are.