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Under Gaddafi's leadership, Libya's economy grew 600 percent in a decade as per capita income rose to more than 12,000 U.S. dollars, the fifth-highest in Africa according to the World Bank. Citizens enjoyed a wide variety of social benefits, supported by robust state revenue from selling the country's sizable oil reserves. Medical care and public education became free, while housing was considered a human right and subsidized by the government. Gasoline was pennies.

Considered an oppressive "dictator" by most western leaders, Gaddafi also pushed for women's rights. In the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi, women were free to dress as they liked. This stands in stark contrast to women living in most Arab nations where a strict Islamic dress code is enforced. Many male-dominated professions, such as the police and military also became available to women.

A top feminist lad, by all accounts!

In the 1970s and 1980s, there were reports of his making sexual advances toward female reporters and members of his entourage.[549] Starting in the 1980s, he travelled with his all-female Amazonian Guard, who were allegedly sworn to a life of celibacy.[550] After Gaddafi's death, the Libyan psychologist Seham Sergewa, part of a team investigating sexual offences during the civil war, stated that five of the guards told her they had been raped by Gaddafi and senior officials.[551] After Gaddafi's death, the French journalist Annick Cojean published a book alleging that Gaddafi had had sexual relations with women, some in their early teenage years, who had been specially selected for him.[552] One of those Cojean interviewed, a woman named Soraya, claimed that Gaddafi kept her imprisoned in a basement for six years, where he repeatedly raped her, urinated on her, and forced her to watch pornography, drink alcohol, and snort cocaine.

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In reality, the explanation for the tunnels was (at least somewhat) more quotidian. The tunnels were the result of an ongoing dispute between the Chabad Lubavitch community and a more extremist splinter sect, which has long been embroiled in turmoil over ownership of the building housing the headquarters. Members of the splinter group believe that Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who led the Chabad Lubavitch movement before his death at the age of 92 in 1994, is the Messiah, a claim that the mainstream Chabad movement rejects.



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A few years ago someone gunned down Frank Cali, the head of the Gambino crime family, and I've just read it was nothing to do with the usual mafia stuff and the killer was actually a QAnon guy:

... court documents filed on Friday offered a glimpse into the deeply troubled mind of Mr. Comello, who his defense lawyer says was so deluded by internet conspiracy theories that he was determined to conduct a citizen’s arrest of Mr. Cali and turn the Mafia leader over to the military.


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Let's Talk About Ceps
A few years ago someone gunned down Frank Cali, the head of the Gambino crime family, and I've just read it was nothing to do with the usual mafia stuff and the killer was actually a QAnon guy:

Seems a bit ungrateful to prosecute him - you'd have thought he'd be doing the cops a favour. Unless of course they were on his payroll...


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Lunch break and a younger colleague has just discovered L Jolyon West

One figure you read around when the net took off, his name reappearing in early alt/conspiracy threads, then glimpse a face, read more partial profiles, ’projects’ he focused on and their specifics but it’s a bit like busting someone watching porn when you walk back into an office after a curry run and said colleague is scrambling to close their browser page but the sound’s still on

Fortunately I don’t really give a fuck what folks do on lunch as long as they share anything worth gleaming so got to chow on lamb chops, veg skewers and coconut rice from heaven while skimming through these

without any genuine desire to open up a trans discussion directly into unnecessarily toxic Biscetti-esque shitposting realms about Jesus and reincarnation, his involvement in Tavistock clinic remains intriguing


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I recall the other unusual detail about Jolly West’s death is that it was a folie-a-Deux: Jolly and his wife, Kay West, PhD, suicided together. Kay West was a prominent psychologist and for a time Chief Psychologist at the VA Brentwood, which was affiliated with UCLA Psychiatry where Jolly was Director. So they were a Psych and UCLA Power Couple. They also ran Tavistock training programs for residents and interns which were extremely “experiential.” I was a postdoctoral fellow at Harbor UCLA and attended their intensive Tavistock weekend and it was intense. Tavistock is a psychoanalytic institution in London that studies unconscious group process, but was scandalized lately for their involvement in gender transitioning of children. PS I also did est in the 80’s and the Tavistock weekend had similarities to it.