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Belief in Conspiracy Theories Inventory [...] In the present study, all items were rated on a 9-point scale, ranging from 1 (Completely false) to 9 (Completely true). Higher scores on this scale reflect greater endorsement of a range of real-world conspiracy theories.
from "An examination of the factorial and convergent validity of four measures of conspiracist ideation, with recommendations for researchers"

Conspiracy Mentality Questionnaire [...] Participants were asked to respond on an 11-point scale ranging from 0% (Certainly not) to 100% (Certain). Higher scores on this scale reflect greater generic conspiracist ideation
Generic Conspiracist Beliefs Scale [...] In the present study, items were rated on a 5-point scale, ranging from 1 (Definitely not true) to 5 (Definitely true). Higher scores on this measure reflect greater generic conspiracist ideation.



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Last week, he gave a formal deposition in which he was questioned by Boeing's lawyers, before being cross-examined by his own counsel.
He had been due to undergo further questioning on Saturday. When he did not appear, enquiries were made at his hotel.
He was subsequently found dead in his truck in the hotel car park.


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Really taunting the conspiracy theorists with this one:

The Pentagon is pursuing a high-tech program that will “minimize cognitive burden” on soldiers, according to budget documents released last week. The $40 million-plus classified program, codenamed “CARCOSA,” shares the same name as “the temple” in the first season of the HBO TV series “True Detective,” a place where an elite pedophile ring performs ritual abuse on children.


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well hes probably not feeling very good about himself in any case. everyones going to be giving him a hard time i'd imagine.


Strut in Romanian means Ostrich.
Ostrich is a corruption of Osterreich
Osterreich means Eastern Kingdom
The captain turned back the Dali
To turn back in cryptic crosswords means to rearrange
The captain turned back the Dial on the Eastern Kingdom...
This is a clear signal to Putin that his days are numbered.