best obscure Wikipedia pages?


Bring out the vacuum
Apologies if this is rude, but how the FUCK did you come across that? it's brilliant.
It was featured this week, I think. My wife talked to me about it earlier in the week, so I was a bit "wtf" to see it coincidentally come up in this thread, but now I understand...


Beast of Burden

John Julius Norwich: "Eudoxia is the first of that long line of Byzantine Empresses, beautiful, worldly, and ambitious, whose names were to become bywords for luxury and sensuality. Widely rumoured to entertain whole strings of lovers ... she was said to flaunt her depravity, together with her court ladies, by wearing a fringe combed down low over her forehead, the recognized trademark of a courtesan."

A very sexy girl, then.


there are no accidents

oh this is going to come in handy:

"honey, i realize that I spend too much time with my friends, but your refusal to acknowledge or compensate for your cognitive biases makes
it difficult for us to have a rational discussion."

can you imagine the look on her face? a delicious pause of incredulous puzzlement before the anger escalates.
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