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is it tasting good? i always liked it cos it wasnt cloying like other pale ales. it was dry and drisp.


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the major problems with pale ale are cloying-ness and a kind of rotten fruit taste

i think italian is tartaruga

Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
Just got a pint of peroni in. Loads of lemo about tonight but i am restraining
I'm assuming "lemo" is a term for coke that I've not heard before, but it sounds amusingly like you're drinking beer to avoid the temptation to drink lemonade.


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Might head over to Pat's cocktail lounge soon. There, some few weeks ago, I asked for a custom cocktail - the Vichy 75 - and I'm curious to see if they've added it to the menu. My ego hangs in the balance.