Saw people talkin bout that Nate video, but no body has mentioned anything about Traxman getting robbed and shot recently. Planet Mu made a benefit page and raised $1300+ ... Boo said it best- "Wild West Side gettin' buck" . In other news, there was a dope WarZone event outside at the park out west a couple weeks ago. People were still battling half an hour after the music had been cut off. Despite what some people might be saying , FOOTWORK IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO ISN'T DEAD


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I don't really like the jungle footwork thing BUT the opening track on this one got me pricking my ears all up and stuff

Gave the RP Boo album a few previews on the Mu site - some tracks I'm definitely feeling like Invisible Boogie, Sensitive, Battle in the Jungle & Area 72, though none of them really take off for me as for instance Rashad's Welcome to the Chi or Traxman's Footworkin' on Air. Dno, his sound's always been a bit TOO raw for me, guess I'm not man enough :f Might be I need to listen to the whole thing to get it.

Jabba's album is sounding solid as always, based on the samples. Giving it a proper listen soon

That Clent video's pretty good, the track at the beginning is a classic example of why he's one of my favourite footwork producers.

Addison Groove tune's a bit underwhelming. Lacks groove, as somebody pointed out


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Saw Rashad and Spinn in birmingham the other week - not enough of a crowd for it to really pick up but some great snippets in there for sure. Would be amazing in corsica studios or somewhere a bit busier with a better system.

Looking forwards to the new Rashad on Hyperdub - Double Cup.


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have to say im a bit bored of rashad and spinn's soul sampling footwork now. i wouldnt mind if they sampled with a bit more finesse but its usually a bit obvious. i know roughness is all part of footworks charm but it still feels like it could be done better. or maybe im just tired of hearing them all the time - someone bring more of the other footwork djs over!


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RP Boo, Traxman, Young Smoke - all their LP's are very different to the clipped soul fractures Rashad and Spinn lean on.


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idk, Rashad's last three releases featured huge tracks that were anything but your run of the mill soul sampling footwork. Sure, him and Spinn do a lot of that, but they do a lot of everything with their massive output, and it's never hindered them from putting out stompers like Welcome to the Chi and I Don't Give a Fuck.

That last EP on Hyperdub was an exploration into a whole new area of sound for Rashad as well.

^sounds almost like he moved to the UK

That said, can't say I'd mind new faces in the footwork being promoted (plenty of unknown unhindered dopeness if you browse through battle videos). The Young Smoke LP was definitely refreshing, I really liked the Diamond one from way back as well. The JaBBA LP probably doesn't even count as footwork anymore but still stems from the movement and is pretty much ace imho.

I really liked that mix jambie put out as well before the Traxman LP, which featured a wealth of artists from both sides of the Atlantic.
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The LiL JaBBA releases have blown me away. Who else is going off on a tangent like this? Or is he in a class all of his own?