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I don't understand Twitter. It offers streams of information no one except the author could possibly care about. In theory, anyway.


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I don't understand Twitter. It offers streams of information no one except the author could possibly care about. In theory, anyway.
No way. There's nothing I care more about than having a constant feed of text-message length updates on every last fleeting thought or paroxysm of narcissistic self-absorption everyone I've ever known or been acquainted with has in a day.

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it is nice following dudes like zomby, he'll upload a free track here and there, or like, read about david lynch's day (mostly weather reports, really), or know what shaq had for breakfast (fruit loops mixed with frosted flakes)

only a few of my friends twitter, but it can be helpful to find druqks quick, i hear...

i like logging in every so often and having a list of links to click through----i really was prepared to hate it more than i do. i like how impersonal it can be----just data that is filtered according to my taste----and not having to share pictures of my cat if i don't want to (not sure what i mean by that actually)


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I don't understand it. I've checked a couple of the links people have posted, and i dont' see why i would possibly care aside from:

(i) real-time footage of demos, events etc (as some people have said);

(ii) if i was stalking someone.

Edit: the drugs thing, too.

Otherwise, the world's just too full of more interesting information to care. Sorry guys, with all due respect, I'm loving your writing on Dissensus, but your Twitter pages are...banal! it's like receiving constant, mass texts from someone you don't know...
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yeah i don't aspire to much with twittering
i do feel more of a "listener" on there
being a rather private person (actually) and something of a career homebody of late, i can't say there's any reason to "follow" me

but yeah, following certain people is a good deal of fun


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came across a 0day list of leaked albums a couple of weeks back. first twitter feed of any interest.


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i'm on there: dj_zhao

not convinced but gonna see if something good can come out of it.

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Like everything , it depends what one uses it for ...
In revolutions, with old mullahs cutting off cell phones and texting and media corp coverage - it might prove useful.

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos
I love how the sort of spontaneous unmeditated nature of "tweeting" (especially if you do it via cell phone) is exposing the lurking psychopathic narcissm and desperate existences of certain celebrities.

I recommend popular singer John Mayer's twitter page. Actually here is some of the best bits.

Hey, it's weird. Know what else is? Two homes. Millions of fans. Getting to be an artist for life. I think I'll jump on the treadmill.
Ryokan - a traditional japanese hotel. Paper doors. Tatami mats. Garden. Rain. Thunder. Miles Davis. Scotch. Notebook. Soul on 10.
I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn't.
So you see, though filled with deep emotional voids that can never be filled, Showbiz Types are an important part of our Nation's tapestry.


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that Mayer one is priceless.

mind you he strikes me as not the nicest fellow, didn't he treat Aniston pretty shabbily by most accounts?

i got on Twitter yesterday purely re Iran (i am under no illusions about a 'twitter revolution' obviously).

i appreciate some people who have e.g. emotional issues might find Twitter a worthy foil to put down seemingly mundane observations that are in fact a conduit/cathartic cover of sorts, for far more serious matters, and i appreciate it's good for musicians, DJs etc (in fact i'm now following Zhao :D ), but in general i can also see why there is the cynicism.

Blogger and Wordpress etc allow far longer pieces so, analysis, teased-out views, not just the 140 character limit, and at least tumblr allows you to embed photographs and such.


rip this joint please
140 chars or less

but all my misgivings cited, i must come down in favour of it.

absurdly inappropriate analogy but Sappho conveyed a lot through near-silence, and Dickinson conveyed a lot through not much more.

OK i can't believe i just (sorta) compared Emily Dickinson to John Mayer: i'll get my coat..