what you currently enjoying ?


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On to

Still one of my top ten hip hop albums ever. Sublime.


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- jim o'rourke "the visitor" is an interesting and nice listen for a chilled out winter evening.
- king midas sound cd, for reasons discussed elsewhere here.
- the necks "silverwater"...think i prefer previous efforts but new necks is always welcome.
- rediscovering the wonders of coil ("ape of naples," "live three," "selvaggina")
- rediscovering isolee "we are monster"...what a weird, cool house album, unlike anything else out there.

btw, tempted to start the obligatory "best of 2009" thread but not sure i can be assed...:slanted:


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travel mind

Little curious about the O'Rourke release ...

Currently it's Monolake's Mass Transit Railway into Arte


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Little curious about the O'Rourke release ...

it's something you have to be in the mood for, a single 38-minute track that meanders through various changes. doesn't have any of the neo-"classic rock" sound of some previous solo releases, yet not too experimental either.

mos dan

fact music
22/01/06, Chronik, Tempa T & Jammer slewing Ghetto & Demon Rinse FM

off grimetapes.com natch



bandz ahoy
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Video and tune.


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been really enjoying paul whites ablum atm

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and discovered alva noto who I am really liking also (made me appreciate white noise on the radio, strange..)


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"step into my office, baby" always brings a smile to my face.

not familiar with all thier stuff - just listening to this now.

"The State I Am In" is the one for me:

I was surprised, I was happy for a day in 1975 / I was puzzled by a dream, stayed with me all day in 1995 / My brother had confessed that he was gay / It took the heat off me for a while


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This compilation is badass.

Am looking forward to a 2009 thread on here so I can maybe shake some of this retroism.

indeed. Crofton interviewed the dude responsible for that record and we are planning to bring him to Berlin next year.

start a thread about older 20th century music but don't call it "retro" cuz that just brings to mind a boat load of campy rubbish.

somewhat related, reverse pollination, i'm thoroughly enjoying this, perhaps not quite as heavy as above, but a damn sweet collection as well

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Darned cockwombles.
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insanely good.