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Aloo Baingan Chana. One of my favourite North Indian/Pakistani dishes. Take a normal Baingan Aloo, double everything and then add 600gm chickpeas with the potato and aubergine. I hate the texture of Aubergine, but if you pan fry and then melt and mash them into the masala you get a lovely sweetness the balances out the heat. Add a pinch or two of crushed dried fenugreek leaves at the end for added smokiness.

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Recipe: https://www.teaforturmeric.com/aloo-baingan-eggplant-and-potato-curry/


Well apparently they did in Ireland way back before Americans had discovered broiling cos they weren't a country yet.
I reckon Ollie is right, must be the marrow - bone marrow and whipped cream on toast, imagine how rich that would be.


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Yeah, Ive been cooking a shit ton of Indian food over the last few years. Reasonably competent now.

This is the Pav Bhaji recipe I used. Ive tried a few, but theyre all pretty much the same. The onion is an essential garnish in this recipe at least.

just had a go at this recipe and it was well tasty. no idea if it tastes how it should be tho, but who cares.


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i thought your question was weird as well until i read this

In the United States, cilantro refers to the leaves of the plant whereas coriander refers to the seeds.

In the U.K. and other parts of the world, coriander is used to refer to the leaves and seeds. The leaves are most often referred to as fresh coriander leaves and the seeds are known as coriander powder or spice.

i knew koriander was called cilantro in the usa, but i didn't know they call the seeds coriander
It's all in how you smear the pork grease on your phone's camera lens before taking the photo, to give it that ethereal, almost oneiric quality.
Reminds me of the little-known and, in today's parlance, problematic technique of "Lipo-Sabotage" employed by the situationists.


I just had chicken salad. I want to gain some muscle mass, so I eat more protein and carbs. I found some tips and meal plans and now follow this guide. Hope, it'll help to achieve my goals.

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Has @droid's photos of food on metal trays made anyone else wonder if he's somehow wound up in some ultra-progressive Irish jail where inmates are allowed to cook their own gourmet vegetarian cuisine? And then photograph it and post it online?


I thought that some of you might be interested to see some Serbian food. One nice day was May Day where we went to a friend's dacha by the side of a river called The Dead Tissa I think. The Tissa is a big river I believe, but part of it got cut off and is now really a long thin lake. In that area there were countless similar summer houses with loads of groups grilling the fuck out of tons of meat, drinking like two Edmunds and just generally having a whale of a time. I was pleased to spot a couple of enormous cranes flying around over the river searching for fish, and on the way, we saw an abandoned factory - formerly owned by the company Stork - being reclaimed by nature, slowly overgrown and, much as with electric pylons in Portugal,covered in huge stork nests with their owners standing imperiously on top of them and gazing out over the countryside and road.

Anyway, by the river our group ate a light snack with a few pieces of meat whipped up by this beauty





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