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Aloo Baingan Chana. One of my favourite North Indian/Pakistani dishes. Take a normal Baingan Aloo, double everything and then add 600gm chickpeas with the potato and aubergine. I hate the texture of Aubergine, but if you pan fry and then melt and mash them into the masala you get a lovely sweetness the balances out the heat. Add a pinch or two of crushed dried fenugreek leaves at the end for added smokiness.

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Recipe: https://www.teaforturmeric.com/aloo-baingan-eggplant-and-potato-curry/


Well apparently they did in Ireland way back before Americans had discovered broiling cos they weren't a country yet.
I reckon Ollie is right, must be the marrow - bone marrow and whipped cream on toast, imagine how rich that would be.