Aliens: Do they exist?

Aliens: Do they exist?

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Cat Malogen
Consciousness studies aside, it plays psychologically to nations outside the US because ‘what if they got to the 1% of cases difficult to explain and have done degrees of engineering research beyond our ken?’

a useful woohoo


Cat Malogen
Get on the podcast circuit, get a photo with Jaques Vallée, grift on

It’s close to religion for some because it’s the definition of a meta breakthrough/breakdown intersection

It’s not Brian Blessed screaming dive but it challenges space-time if a temporal aspect wtf am I on about this tincture just came on strong


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It's been strange. If this news came out any time before about 2016, we'd have all freaked out. I think I still would a bit (I want to hear xenomusic and see exoarchitecture) but most wouldn't.

If aliens appeared for real, I'd be terrified.

Mr. Tea

"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
Is it a coincidence that this is all coming out now, just as tech is reaching the stage where it's becoming possible to make fake photos and videos so realistic it's practically impossible even for experts to tell them apart from the real thing?


Cat Malogen

a distinct new flavour’s emerged with YT, phone apertures evolving, more people with access to “quick, film it”

personally, have to wonder why the CCP hasn’t taken a similar governmental approach

would UFO’s/UAP’s/lights in the sky seem more threatening if the Chinese were all over publicly like our American friends? possibly but who knows