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Now that the tall one from Sonic Youth has moved to Stokey every person I know has a story about meeting him in a pub and chatting to him for hours over a few pints - what I'm saying is that the mystique of SY has gone and noone cares anymore.

sort of like when Nico used to drink at the Spinners in Hulme, Manchester


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The full story is the wife and I are friends with Alan Licht and Angela Jaeger, and Alan has played with Lee in various groups. We went to see them in their group Text of Light do a performance at the old Whitney, and the six of us went to dinner at Odeon afterwards (Lee and Leah live close by). So, like, two degrees of separation.
I briefly spoke with Alan Licht about hauntology and archival projects at a little presentation he gave at the Monadnock in downtown Chicago.
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there's a bit of graff which says 'los sures' on one of the poles on the williamsburg bridge pedestrian path, that's a nice touch


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watching this and as always really impressed with how articulate, composed and chillingly affectless the american is. the de-anxietised man.


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chefs are a weird group, often theyre completely helpless outside of their job. My wife worked for a chef who went to paris to learn specialty pastry techniques but he also was a litteral illeterate.
my experience of em is there often bad boys, might sell drug, might think they're a bit hard