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this is the same woman who did the online thing a while ago that i was set to go to but couldn't for some reason. i found this video she did about trees and watched it, seemed alright

Seem to remember she says spending a couple hours just sitting if possible, which is in concordance with the trad forest bathing advice

this is her youtube post today:

Helen Millar4 hours ago
I have a secret to share, it is crazily simple but has the power to unlock your life, as it totally scrambles all that deep programming: The last time I did this at scale was in 2020 at here's what happened... I came back from a solo week in Greece searching for my lost mojo, having found it, I handed my notice in on the apartment I had rented in Waterloo for 11 years with no idea where I was going apart from it needed to have a sea view... Londoner born and bred with a penchant for zone 1, forever, this seemed a little 'WTF!' to those who knew me... But, rather than panic, and follow the rationale of: What if I don't find anywhere What if I can't afford anywhere What if I never make any friends What if I regret it Where am I going??? I went into WHAT IF THIS IS THE BEST DECISION EVER? I decided to see what happened if I allowed my mind to spiral up not down: What if the universe loves me? What if there is enough and I am enough? What if this move is going to unlock my life? I set up an online search between Ipswich and Wales (!) and the only criteria was a sea view. I created a vision board, bypassing the brain, sticking together every image that my heart loved. Including a huge blue velvet sofa. I was looking in the middle of lockdown, I was self-employed with no guarantor as my Mum had just died and left me no inheritance. Plus, a whole host of other reasons why this could have seemed like a really dangerous time to uproot all I had ever known. But, I found an apartment beyond my wildest dreams! Talk about sea view, at the bottom is what I look at every day, I can even see it sitting on the loo. And I manifested nearly everything on the board, including the sofa! I moved to a place I had never been to before and knew no one in, whilst we still had 3 more months of lockdown! But I did make some really good, beautiful friends, found so many people who got me, and unlocked my life and expanded who I knew myself to be. THEN a few weeks ago, Just before Christmas, I decided to go all in with another big life change, nothing to do with my flat, I love that, but I made a big leap, took the action and jumped int eh bath to calm down. Then, I made a vision board (twice the size of the last one) and the very next day... I got an eviction notice. I also was told I need a new car. But, I realised I called it in. Rather than being a victim, this is the universe responding to my deep desire to expand more! Life is very exciting, or, if you want to spiral downwards, replace it with scary, that's how I was raised. But after decades of being really miserable most of the time, I decided to scramble my programming. What if it could keep getting better? What if all the risks pay off? What if the best is yet to come? And so what if this is the move that unlocks my life to greater happiness? What if this is the car that takes me to my wildest dreams! So many exciting opportunities have fallen in my inbox in the past week as I live in a what if this is the best thing spiral upward inquiry. Try it for an hour, a day, a week...or three months, what do you think might happen, how good could it get?? I am offering 8 places to those who are available for more of their good to arrive in their world for a 3 month journey. If you are feeling a nudge that maybe this year could really be different, in the most beautiful way, let's have a chat and see if this is the right fit. We begin next Friday so I have opened up a lot of space in my diary: Feel free to share with anyone who needs a nudge to spiral up. With love, Helen x


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2 new artists i found recently on this theme - honey long and prue stent. sort of like penny slinger.

Beauty, as generally perceived, is oversimplified and boring. “We want to energise it, destabilise it, and hopefully show to the world what it can truly be.





Trees are not a species or family or genus or anything, they're just a process a strategy

A tree's closest relative can be a dandelion, or a thistle

Think like a tree
yes this is a useful and thought-provoking factoid but was in the wrong thread