Beginning this post with an entirely gratuitous name-drop bg saying I DJ-d a few times with Tom Furse before leaving London. It never really crossed my mind to wonder what he might be up to now but it turns out he made the - pretty nice in fact - video to this stunningly original piece of music

It is difficult to evaluate music when it appears from so completely out of the blue that one simply has no reference points to compare it to, no solid base to which to tether the experience... the only thing to do is to simply feel its existence and to hope that one day we will have evolved far enough to create some sort of framework which will ultimately stretch far enough to reach it and thus potentially link it to other music that exists, no matter how radically far away it remains - both in concept and execution - from other arrangements of sound that somehow we place in the same category


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Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life ( club mix )

It was only today that I only found out she died last year

our loss

huge tune on the Manchester pirates / street soul sound systems / blues parties in the late 80s / early 90s


i may have shed a tear

because nostalgia ( not mental illness! although... "lol")


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potentially will never listen to this again but for whatever reason this is hitting today, and there i nominate it as choon of the day. i always loved pole, was the best of that 90s electronica, and this sounds like that. hiss is always a plus and these headphones i'm wearing are great for this kind of thing. but its weird this stuff, i just know that it's the kind of thing that hits on one particular occaision and it falls flat on repeat plays.


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now i'm just listening to pole, this is sounding immense on these headphones, scratch the above this is choon of the day it's ten times better



Finally managed to recall the name of this singular artist and album; as far as I remember it's a completely solo effort - down to the artfully ragged packaging - with no synthetic sounds used. Is there anything else quite like it?

Oh wow, he's giving it all away for free:


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Haven’t had one today, trying to keep track of the Newcastle game while working is enough

This how it starts isn’t it, ageing, oh won’t listen to anything because x y z a b and c have to be finished and proof-read and before concluding 65% of the aforementioned d e f g h I and fuckin j steam in and carpet bomb your ninja time management craft

And it is a craft - listening attentively - finding the time to sift through old and new in an overstuffed world


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The ambient closer on this Lp is why i returned but this is the stand out i think. Would have made 'Landcruising' ( Carl Craig's - a year later) better imo.