were you crying by the sea again, having a moment



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been enjoying this not exactly just today, but over the last couple of weeks. this kind of slightly tougher, more dramatic jazz does a lot for me, it feels immediate. good track name as well. the internet thinks that the bassist is 'the wu-tang clan's bass player', whatever that means


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I'd forgotten I'd bought this when it got reissued a few years back. Just popped into my head again for some reason.

"This is the ultimate burnout biker-psych masterpiece. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride. This is a 40 minute recipe for complete mental breakdown. Included on the Acid Archives' list of Top Ten LPs Most Likely To Be Owned By A Serial Killer. Circuit Rider is lost on the same journey as Kenneth Higney, Nicodemus & Matchez, YaHoWa, Boa, Heitkotter, Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz, Raven, Fraction, and The Doors' L.A. Woman."



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choon of the last couple of weeks, that's really hitting on a pissing with rain all weekend weekend. somehow had never heard it before. it sounds like a late 90s tune to me rather than a mid-00s one. female sang chorus and raps in the middle is a good modality for me. that kind of resigned but warm is the best. sounds pre-laptop as well, you can hear the influence of a studio rather than someone looking at a macbook


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Trevor Byfield - Tell Me That You Love Me + Version

The version is considered "by some" to be the "heaviest dub EVER" ( skip to 2:47 to decide for yourself )

not sure I agree...

but, I wouldn't be a reggae bore without mentioning that I played this earlier this evening, on the same "riddim", but chatting sexist and profiling vibes, which reminded me of the "heaviest dub" claims

Chester Coke w/ Spaner - African Race


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more into big muscular tobacco smoking induced femininity myself. the fighting in the bedroom. that's what it's about. being heartfelt is a trap!