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i've never listened to that album in my life. i wasn't posting it because i like it!


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also I've never heard Corpsey battle mix, he should be able to given his more than proficient hands, if you see what I mean.


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there was a time when I just assumed luka and corpsey hung out often, considering the banter that went on here. was a shocker to hear they don't, I still don't get it. what could be the root cause of this? sure, there's a real chance of disappointment when you meet your heroes IRL, but a risk worth taking, I think.


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Corpse is definitely a big Necro fan. Knows all the disgusting lyrics off by heart and recites them at parties.


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I used to own a signed CD copy of "I Need Drugs" (ordered off UGHH.COM).

One of the most surprising slams I experienced on here was when I slagged off Necro as being a poor man's Kool G Rap or something and Crowley chopped my fucking head off.