The Crisis of Masculinity


Femboyism IS feminism.
You guys don't know there can be female alphas? Almost like you're assuming gender roles are fixed or something...


Femboyism IS feminism.
We're pretty focused on sigmas here.
Sometimes I think I created sigmas since I'm powerful but don't fit into the alpha/beta/omega categorization system.
But look the original study of wolves that coined the tripartite distinction never said anything about sigma males. Once we get into sigma males, we're just talking about internet subcultures.


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This came up in a discussion here years ago, in the context of 'safe spaces', e.g. women's societies in universities, and the Dissensus consensus seemed to be that men-only groups are a terrible idea, because they'd just end up blaming all their woes on feminism, or on women in general, and would be breeding grounds for MRA/incel culture before you could say "gone too far
The only thing I'd add to this is that any Dissensus consensus is likely to be wrong or at best half-cocked because this place is full of contraion arseholes.


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I'm surprised to see a hip young gunslinger like you showing such an old-fashioned attitude, if I'm honest.


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close the deal - think enterprise sales > sus out competitors > learn pain points and work to solve them > be persistent and know your worth > find multiple angles to upsell most importantly, respect boundaries