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Liverpudlian gangsters played by Liverpudlian gangsters. Americans will probably require subtitles, I certainly could have used some at some points. Anyway, kind of a basic 'plot' but definitely feels grittier and realer than most crime films I've seen and the plotlessness of it is in keeping with that.

Followed this up with 'Pusher' on BFI player, a very similar film in some respects—and a better one. Will probably watch the sequel tonight.


bandz ahoy
This was the most completely absurd but weirdly brilliant scene

It's almost like he's trolling the audience, saying "you thought this was implausible SO FAR?"


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Elliott Gould in The Long Goodbye's such a cool performance. Love how he's always striking matches off stuff, walls, shelves, whatever's to hand.


Yesterday this film Hidden Figures was on telly and I caught it. I don't really have much to say about it, it's really just a feel good film with a bunch of black women working at NASA who have to overcome two different prejudices that threaten to hold them back. There are a few minor set-backs on the way but nothing ever really looks like stopping them so the film doesn't have a huge amount of dramatic tension, and yet it's always watchable. I guess it's just an interesting and nice true story (probably embellished but I'd rather believe it wasn't) about an important chapter in human history. That's all but it ends up being enough. For me anyway.


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Return to Seoul—really good. Story about a korean girl internationally adopted to france who shows up due to a flight diversion to Korea, very mercurial, grappling with her self, doing impulsive things. Real psychic depth. Episodic, takes place over 8 years. Includes an original house track as part of the narrative. There's something very structuralist about it, it's very good at not being heavy handed even as it could be tempting to be. Very subtle.

They got an untrained french-korean plastic artist to play the lead, and it's somehow the performance of the year. As good as Cate Blanchette in Tar. Incredibly layered portrayal, extremely vivid.

The movie as a whole—languid, but with no wasted shots. Score is fantastic. No way it could've been made by Americans, too weird, not moralistic enough, it proposes that some things really do stay with you.


Only other movies I unreservedly recc that I've seen in the last year are Yi Yi and Close Up.
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It's genuinely great but it's also about 20 minutes too long and they spent about a third of the movie on obscurantist depictions of Lydia's paranoid delusions. I'll recommend but with very minor reservations.