Cat Malogen
knowing how deeply connected you are to universal child welfare I wasn’t phwoaring at the kid fwiw

sending the bully face eaters up to dog suicide bridge would be one regulatory deployment worth testing and, crucially, would prove low £ cost - no quango, no bureaucratic email senders, no healthcare, no pensions, no holidays, no infrastructure other than the pre-existing bridge and 23,000 suicidal bullys leaping to their gory deaths

show them all real libertarian values in action


Cat Malogen
Thing about you Oxbridge types is you don’t know how to organise anything too busy in the canteen halls resentfully regaling chums about being a gypsy EU milk-pool overflow council pop drinker


Cat Malogen
Class inversions leading to othering repulsion sums up a raft of distinctively British problems - we all know Grim Britannia yet most disown it

What a magnificently grotesque cesspit


bandz ahoy
Good thread this. No wonder I never get around to reading Samuel Beckett when there's threads like this around.

Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps

A small Somerset village could be dwarfed by a new solar farm if plans are approved.
Low Carbon UK Solar Investment wants to build a large new solar farm on the B3109 near Rode.
The new solar farm, dubbed Bluebell Wood, could provide enough power for one-third of all homes in the former Mendip area.

"Bluebell Wood."