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Joanna Newsom's family

> William A. Newsom II, Gavin's grandfather, was a surrogate father to Getty sons John Paul Jr. and Gordon. William "Bill" Newsom III, Gavin's father, was even the bearer of the ransom money when John Paul III was kidnapped. Newsoms, Harrises, Pelosis and Gettys are godparents to one another's children and make appearances at important family events

I've mentioned Gavin's father, William A. Newsom III, on here before re: Paperclip.

For most of 1969 and 1970, Newsom traveled across Europe alongside former SS Gestapo member Otto von Bolschwing who had been brought to the US by the CIA under Operation Paperclip and appointed TCI's president by Getty due to his former Nazi intelligence connections and their value in obtaining defense technology contracts. It was during this time that von Bolschwing introduced Newsom to the business of importing and selling wine from Argentina - a business venture that would later be emulated by Newsom's son, Gavin.
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And that's joanna news oms dad? I reckon gus is definitely covert ops been sent in by muggs to destabilise dissensus. He's just blown his cover!


I don't know why I'm following this account on twitter but they are deep into chemtrails conspiracy theory

A lot of people have taken snaps there and made some astute observations - for example it turns out there are a lot of trails left by aeroplanes close to Heathrow. Now we just need to figure out why.


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an entry on the "Manson blog" which re-posts this substack piece by a critic of Scientology ( a "suppressive person" ) - the author complains that there is no mention of Scientology in Chaos, and then mounts a defence of Jolly West, who despite killing an elephant, was "a friendly, compassionate, and helpful man".

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Mental article/situation in the Times today

A girl is having her face painted to look like a fairy, while a couple of boys swing on a tyre in an idyllic playground.

Bunting is strung between the trees and, if you want to buy a healing crystal or a fair trade organic tote bag, you’re in luck. In a tent, a bald man wearing a bright pink T-shirt is vociferously explaining that 9/11 was an inside job.

He takes us, in visceral detail, through the 7/7 bombings: fake. The shooting of JFK: fake. The murder of Lee Rigby: fake. At one point, his passion boils over and he swears before apologising. He says he is trying not to swear, in case there are children here.

There are children here. In front of me in the crowd is a girl who cannot be older than ten, clad in pink and looking on intently. On one side of her, a man who appears to be in his thirties has nearly finished his bottle of Buckfast. On the other, the back of a woman’s hoodie reads “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery”.
Later, they are replaced by a blonde girl, on her father’s shoulders, and her sister, clutching two dolls. The speaker, Michael Manoel Chaves, moves through a series of pictures of splattered blood, explaining what is wrong with them


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Let's Talk About Ceps
He shows a video of one of the fathers of the children massacred in the Sandy Hook school shooting. This man too is a crisis actor, he explains. This is a popular conspiracy. The parents of the dead children of Sandy Hook have faced years of threats and vitriol from believers.

As Chaves goes through some of the more visceral details of how Rigby’s blood would actually have spurted from his neck had he actually been decapitated, the young girl in front of me starts to look visibly distressed, looking back at her mother. Eventually, when she and her sister become too restless, their mother takes them out.

These poor kids. Imagine having sickos like that for parents.

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Chaves has been knocking around for a while, was quite prominent when anti-vax was the big talking point a couple of years ago; it has definitely got a lot more extreme now though. This is close to being a cult at this stage surely, compound in the countryside, weapons training etc



I first read about the Doctors' Plot today, with my source saying that Stalin was looking for a pretext to attack the US and start WW3, as well as the below:

On 13 January 1953 the Soviet government declared in Pravda that nine of the Kremlin's most prestigious doctors had, several years earlier, murdered two of Stalin's closest aides.4 (An English translation of the article has recently been posted on the internet.5) Moreover, as Rapoport relates, these practitioners were accused of taking part in a “vast plot conducted by Western imperialists and Zionists to kill the top Soviet political and military leadership . . . [Until Stalin's death] the Soviet media pounded away at the supposed single ‘fifth column’ in the USSR, with constant references to Jews who were being arrested, dismissed from their jobs, or executed.”6

The show trial was meant to initiate a carefully constructed plan in which almost all of the Soviet Union's two million Jews, nearly all of whom were survivors of the Holocaust, were to be transported to the Gulag—in cattle cars. Between the January announcement and Stalin's death a month and a half later it became clear that careful plans had been laid for the transfer and “concentration” of Soviet Jews. Rapoport quotes a Soviet Jewish engineer who reported seeing, in the early 1960s, a “never used camp with row after row of barracks: ‘Its vastness took my breath away.’ ”6 Other witnesses corroborated the existence of the deportation plans.


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Synchronously, went to do a buzzcut earlier and halfway the level setting attachment slider slipped and took big chunks down to a no1 so had to do the whole lot to no1

maybe I could’ve written Mixed Biscuits 2024 Baby