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Joanna Newsom's family

> William A. Newsom II, Gavin's grandfather, was a surrogate father to Getty sons John Paul Jr. and Gordon. William "Bill" Newsom III, Gavin's father, was even the bearer of the ransom money when John Paul III was kidnapped. Newsoms, Harrises, Pelosis and Gettys are godparents to one another's children and make appearances at important family events

I've mentioned Gavin's father, William A. Newsom III, on here before re: Paperclip.

For most of 1969 and 1970, Newsom traveled across Europe alongside former SS Gestapo member Otto von Bolschwing who had been brought to the US by the CIA under Operation Paperclip and appointed TCI's president by Getty due to his former Nazi intelligence connections and their value in obtaining defense technology contracts. It was during this time that von Bolschwing introduced Newsom to the business of importing and selling wine from Argentina - a business venture that would later be emulated by Newsom's son, Gavin.
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And that's joanna news oms dad? I reckon gus is definitely covert ops been sent in by muggs to destabilise dissensus. He's just blown his cover!