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No 1 son has been to Belgium, bought me a whole bunch of beers for Fathers’ day - complete with the proper glasses. Now I can be a full on beer wanker.


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Mr. Tea

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I've never seen a glass like that - know what it is called, what its occasion is?
There's some bumf on the bottle about the glass being shaped like that so a coach driver could suspend it in a special slot cut into the external roof of the coach, and have a tipple as he drove the horses.


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Back at my parents old house in Massachusetts where I grew up and older sister lives in now, spent 3+ hours mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and cutting down overgrown rose bushes, now enjoying my third Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing with fish and chip, considering some tiramisu for dessert.


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New favourite beer, cos of the tagl8ne