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Cat Malogen
difference between eighth samples of A+++ Himalayan placed alongside an eighth of 3rd pass resina (or ‘zatla’) where residue is collected from old sieves and mixed for malleability along with paraffin, henna, shoe polish, isnt always immediately obvious

ideally need q oz or more to really study what’s in front of you, hold it up to a light source and partially burn it, 10-30 seconds and it’ll be clear, frustrating looking as bothering immediately invokes hassle

lunch break post - hashish I’ve known, loved and despised

beautifully dusty with barely any heat applied, you can tell it’s Moroccan dry sieved immediately when it’s as delicious as below, can’t fake the grain consistency or colour and eating it adds another few levels to reality, not to be confused with caramel further below


00, not as soft as temple ball but can loosen naturally over time the higher the quality, stunning in yoghurt


Black Spice - ‘my god, it’s full of stars’, if you ever get a heads up and the person isnt full of shit, move. Don’t even need heat just wee scrapes off, compliments most hot drinks partially dissolved in warmed cream or eaten with yoghurt if you prefer something cold and utterly enveloping for 12 hours meditating on the divine


Red Leb, haven’t seen since over 35 years. Stunning with a smell complexity I want to know one more time before departing Earth, just look at it


Caramel, still quality but more likely to get mixed up with chunks of soapbar, nearly always available but have to wait for a trusted line in, if you break it open rather than cutting the smell is timeless (avoid if it clatters dropped on work top/table)


and the fly in the ointment, so many variations it can even get cut further as cutting polymers to choose from have increased, henna’s clovey presence is hard to pick out if the original resin was particularly good or if moulded into Afghan repeatedly by the kilo


a labyrinth today, yes = the internet yet admit to waiting for mates to give us a nudge, too old for resin quests


Cat Malogen
hash is an art @malelesbian , I‘d build altars to the finest but not looking for an immediate divorce

do your disses by all means but leave hash out of it mmmkay

amazing what time, altitude, plants, humans and the sun can achieve working together



Cat Malogen
This post from @WashYourHands makes me glad to live in a country where sharia law hasn't made weed illegal yet, forcing it into dangerous underground forms…

To be fair your access to hashish is peak time to experience the whole spectrum of options, old world and new. Frenchie Cannoli, closest equivalent to master of wine for hashish, is stateside as an example. I missed the shift in US state laws by a few years but you could never get hash, looking became futile quickly

If you’d said bubble hash or ice hash to people not so long ago, you’d have be met with derision. Look at it now. Live resin and rosin are solvent-less just as most old world techniques are either dry sieved or hand rubbed. Minimal intervention other than changes in mild plant agitation and temperature
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Comparatively, a full extract oil’s cannabinoids will always be broader aka the entourage effect and if you remove any cannabinoids‘ carbolic acid molecule through heat (thc-a = thc, cbd-a = cbd, cbg-a = cbg), the stomach’s blood barrier can be traversed. You can vary intake and/or go @thirdform equivalent of 7+g’s if needs be. Options!

Certain conditions like fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain respond incredibly to cannabis oil as in stretching realms of credibility. Epilepsy is another in terms of folks having multiple daily seizures reduced hugely. I’d be ultra ultra cautious around child cases but if a youngster can have as many as a thousand seizures a day reduced to less than 10, do you block their opportunity of a semi-normal life? Less intrusive than a range of meds, results still stagger belief

We only have an Endocannabinoid System from eating the plant continually during our evolution, no bellend Terry McKenna stoned ape bs. Cannabis isn’t water soluble unless decarboxylated, hence species of all kinds have eaten and grazed on it when available for aeons. Shame it’s went so mutant but its salvage is ongoing


Cat Malogen
Shorthand - Endocannabinoid system evolved approximately 600 million years ago

more of an anthropology of plant medicine as historiography



Cat Malogen
Chronic pain study results unequivocally +++



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in the US from what i can see weed firmly has a cultural place as a product rather than as a counter-cultural element. it fits alongside benzos and so on into the medicated US culture where people are keen to and see as normal the idea that you reach for a substance as a tool for living. it might as well be sold at trader joes. there's no connection to cycling rastas or dodgy geezers in washington square park or to any sense that you're participating in an alternative anything. it's about as countercultural as frozen supermarket pizzas or DaBaby. legalization has severed the connection.


Cat Malogen
Americans do love their benzos

In no other country have I seen them swapped and traded on a Friday afternoon after a long week at the proverbial coalface so readily



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A weed farm got busted on the street over from mine recently. Someone had stripped out the inside of a house and filled it with hundreds of plants. It's the second one that's been raided in as many months.


Cat Malogen
A wise owl once said if you fill more than one room you’re creating a no-go zone for landlords, polis, gas board/boiler inspections, any visitors essentially

Entire houses converted to grows have a highly ltd shelf life and with energy prices still through the roof, more stunted LED flower is hitting the market

Hydro-tunnels on farms are still a thing, any sizeable farm or estate can be adapted. If the neighbours weren’t so perfidious I’d do an annual grow here but the risks (kids, neighbours and arrest) mean it’ll have to remain an idea for now