favourite wiley non-sequiturs


threads get mangled
had bare dough but that didn't change me
yeah I got a daughter
newborn child but her name aint Amy

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos
I'm taking it to the ghetto because I still live there
I like it here, I'm lovin' it there, It's real here
Can you see me in the clear? I'm like a mountain bear, yo


Mechanical phantoms
I remember him saying that he's 'wenger like arsene'. Does this even mean anything?

Good lyric either way


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Don't know if anyone can help me with this but I am working on a Wiley archival project and I really need to get hold of some more images to use in it.

Unfortunately there is no budget (I am working for free and so is everyone else) but I will make sure you get credited in the printed version.

I am after any of the following:
Scans of old flyers with Wiley on them
Scans of Eskimo Dance Flyers
Photos from live gigs, pirate radio or lifestyle shots
+ any other interesting related photos eg. good shots of Bow, inside Rinse, Deja etc.

DM if you can help at all.

The deadline is stupidly short so I need this as soon as possible.


Benny B

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I do it for real thats why I'm still firing
I could bring a monkey and a lion in
Its who i am, I wear my own garms
and i do my own ironing

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
I'm the Highlander, fair and square/and you might see walking round Kildare

I might be the one with no label/but I'm able, from the grave to the cradle/me and Trim, we're like Cain and Abel

I've made history like the Spanish Armada/you can't say my style ain't harder, hot like Nevada

I'm a wizard, got a reptile back like a lizard

Eski walks across water/I'm like Jesus, first I was a pauper/now I'm Wiley, you might see me/drinking wine in Majorca, with a gangster's daughter

Scratchy is the best white boy/shut up and pass him the mic boy