favourite wiley non-sequiturs

tom lea

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"i am a defender of your face" was amazing.

"must be that same old kid in the dinner hall
primary, eating apple crumble and custard"

"mercston wouldn't shoot
he'll only shot weed
that's not a bad thing"
jack you don't pack what it takes in your packed lunch
I'm a thief, take the penguin from your packed lunch
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Fluent in English and I’m good with numbers
I’ve been making paper for the last seven summers

Saw me with a stiff leg walking funny…
Messed up like mixed-breed dogs locked down in the basement

Sometimes at night I get lonely
I need a wifey to hold me

Trust is just a word, i don’t trust my own mother
Let along baby-mothers, don’t trust baby-mothers
Especially baby-mothers, who try and get their brothers
I’ll turn the slowest of them into fast runners


Itchy & Scratchy

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"I put so much work every bone in my body is aching,
Let's not forget that I'm ageing." - So Amazing

"And you're a new gangster,
Oops I meant prankster.
You're a new prankster,
Oops I meant wankster" - Colder [I think the track's called Colder. It's what the mp3's named.]

"Money is paper, how can paper be evil?" - Er.. I forget.

"I'm a don like Wimble."

"I know sufferer, sufferer don't know you,
I know empty belly, empty belly don't know you, etc etc etc"
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talking about nans though, wouldn't you like to be able to say this to your nan?

'when you hear the name 'grime' nan, I AM THE MEANING.'
I don't know what one is and didn't bother looking it up so i would guess that mine falls into that category.

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos
"I'm not scared of brers with long hair/ There's one brer with long hair, he lives here/ The other brers with long hair think they're him."

mos dan

fact music
i typed these out from the oxford street freestyle when i was drunk the other night. (like i don't have anything better to do.) worth it for the nando's line (kinda emo), and, er, what's an ostrich beat? lol. i also like 'suck your mum i ain't dead, just got out of bed'

I’m not a rocket with gloves
But I can hit like a hockey stick hitting a puck
On the floor but nobody’s picking me up
Went Nando’s now I’m here sicking it up
And you thought you would see me giving up
Thought twice can’t quit now I’m living it up

I was on Oxford Street
You was in your hood skrewface with an ostrich beat
And right now you can see me top spot peaking
Please don’t send me no oblong beats

Your year’s money I could make half in a week
Life’s money I could make that in one year
Faking my death could have made mum scared
So suck your mum I ain’t dead
Just got out of bed
Today you’re going to hear me speak

mos dan

fact music
"I ain't urban,
Ask Matthew Herbert"

where is this?? and why would matthew herbert know? lol

"I'm a don like Wimble."

as a wimbledon fan, i can't believe i've never clocked this before! this is going in the bit of my brain with jammer and r.a.'s references to clapham, and all of the bits of 'southside allstars' that references places near where i grew up. ppl need to get tooting in their lyrics more i swear.

'when you hear the name 'grime' nan, I AM THE MEANING.'

so so good, as so much in this thread is.