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I've started a post for londonunderlondon. It will go up today or tomorrow. I think the idea of an archive that collects a lot of his far flung work would be valuable and a fitting tribute. I'd be happy to help.


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He's weird about deleting things. It just said he read something he wrote for London under London and Jim read some Joe conrad.


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In case you've not seen it, Siobhan McKeown's tribute is really lovely, and a welcome contrast with all the stuff focusing on Capitalist Realism and Vampires.


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Another one-time poster checking in. Really gutted to hear about this - I never knew k punk and Mark Fisher were the same until I heard this. When I started reading this forum I don't think Mark had posted on here for a while - if I read anything it was always an old post but he seemed like an interesting guy. The way people talked about him was kind of like this big brother.

Incidentally, dissensus definitely helped me when I was going through my own depressions and helped shaped my political and theoretical consciousness... Desperately sad. Rest in Peace.


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Well I don't know what to say really.. I just discovered this forum last night and had to be a part of it.. I just found out about Mark yesterday through a twitter post by David Graeber and I spent the night reading all the obituaries and digging through his blog.. I need to get a copy of capitalist realism.. such a witty down to earth soul and such a mind-expanding theorist. His taste in music, films almost everything is quite eclectic.. how he manages to find connections between various disciplines, pop culture etc is astounding.. his words make me feel less alienated.. depression is such an isolating prick.. my heart goes out to his family and friends..

Love from Egypt.
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The irony of trying to work out whether it's OK to share a free download of Capitalist Realism is quite exquisite.
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Hmm, that's a good point. Though I guess you could more than offset that by donating a few quid to the fund that's been set up.
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