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The thing to me that is interesting about drill is the UK/USA melting that is going on.

UK drill on its own is not really that good is it. I like a few bits, but we're at a point in the UK now that all the creative outputs associated with mass migration have ended.

So maybe there will be some good African music after all.


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don't know if it will have longitivtiy but this is sounding great this morning. its hitting a sweet morning feeling after a good night out. i think the combination of almost-speaking and almost-ambient is quite a rich seam in all kinds of genres, surprised no-one has broke through doing just that

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Re biases against African musics...

As I understand it, there is almost a hard coded prejudice baked into the forum, whereby the dispalced/migratory forms of black music are priveleaged.

So we've got Jamaica as the ur-site, over and above everything else.

And close behind, possibly even at the side of Jamaica, we have the bias towards the migrations from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean into America and the UK. And the resulting clash of those migrations into the host countries.

I mean, I like Fela as much as the next man, but you'll never convince me that the entire continent of Africa can ever produce anything as good as this

this song defecates upon the entire Hardcore Continuum from such an altitude that it is quite frankly unbelievable:



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Luke's referencing the primary/secondary school beef between africans and jamaicans in the playground of every london school. especially Jamaicans and Nigerians, they really don't get on...

Context luke, give the yankee context!


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could be good to have a different rolling thread for new music only, of any style. but has to be brand new like just uploaded in the last week or so