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The Larry Levan mix is good mainly for the voicemail sample at the start about the key of the song, but the original has the weird slow panning hi hats.



Void Dweller



So.... Red Axes - a lot of people assume that the band name refers to a sharp bladed tool which one can use to chop down a tree or perhaps to cut firewood... similarly you can use such a tool to chop down a person and then gruesomely dismember them for disposal, or if you're really mentally sick and you just wanna keep chopping and chopping until it's all blunt and the body has been cut as small as possible and then mashed into a horrendous bloody pulp using the now blunt tool as more of a kind of smashing device then I guess you could do that too, though why would you, there would have to be something really badly wrong with you to do that... fuck, why would you even suggest that? But if you did it would be red... probably... though come to think of it it wouldn't just be red it would be smeared in all kinds of mangled organs and stuff. But anyway, I digress, they are not named after that at all, the band are in fact mathematicians from Israel and they actually took their name from the parts of a graph which you use in Cartesian coordinates to mark the position of a point in two or more dimensions. In this case two dimensions, the band members are called x and y with one named for the x-axis and one the y - on the first single there is a graph with the axes in red which should have been a clue, anyway, here is the new single with the guy who was the original vocalist in Paranoid London, track is cool I think.