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sounds less like a real song and more like those little snippets of music that advertise airpods or something on youtube before the video starts


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Yeah it screams permissiveness, freedom of choice and convenience. Some guy with a deep voice explaining in a really laid back tone how dope and chill Vrbo is.


pass the sick bucket
When I hear “portentous” music for glory-hungry activists I think of Conflict chanting “WOT WE GUNNA BE DOIN NOW THAT ITS 1984,” not gaunt navel-gazer anthems to wallow to. I suppose “No Sweat” does have a kind of serious solemnity that I don’t appreciate. I find most of their stuff more twee than anything, though. Thematically speaking there’s certainly no sense of social commentary, politics or outwardness whatsoever. Just breakups and relationship strife, which is rather typical for pop music wouldn’t you say?

Well, you know, the tormented artists career mirrors that of Hitler.

and yeah I'm talking about that no sweat song. like fuck am I going to listen to anything else lmfao.


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Are you sure their music doesn’t make you yourself want to punch a Nazi? You’d probably enjoy it


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don't think the kids are exactly listening to it, but there's such a preponderance of 2 minute tunes now. the other thing that's going on here is the absolute computer malleability of sound. those breaks are pretty almighty drill&bass 90s things, updated to that punchy 2020s production that lets some random producer sound like a lot like whoever makes beats for rihanna.


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big realization just occurred to me is the almost entire contemporary EDM producer scene does not know fuck about building tension/constructing buildups that are cohesive with the "drop"


party record with a siren
Double A Side

"How about I introduce you to the CEO of my ass?"

b/w "The Future Of Music Is Bleak"



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Things haven't changed much since the days of Albini's "The Problem with Music" 30 years ago.



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extremely speculative obviously, but given how insanely common it is now for the kids in the US to be taking some form of pharmecuetical on the daily (benzos, anti-depressants, ritalin), i wonder how much of that comes across in the culture they produce and consume. one feature of US life for me is realizing how present pharmaceuticals are in everyday interactions. in the same way as the UK is hard to understand if you don't realize that everyone is drinking all the time.


Kids like videos so if you want to brainwash your kid into liking good music you'd have to go out of your way to put them on good videos and I can't really be arsed cos I don't watch them myself, what's the point?
I brain washed mine by only ever playing my own music in the car.
Now they like jungle & grime + whatever nonsense gets handed down at school/video game music.