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Darned cockwombles.
Apropos of nothing in particular:

What are Riko and/or Kano doing these days? I haven't checked the pirates for ages, but I haven't seen them mentioned on forums like this for a while (maybe I just missed something).

They being my two favourite grime MCs on balance (as I say, haven't been keeping up with it at all lately, save for some of Wiley's stuff), where would I have a chance of catching either of them live in London?

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can you shut the fuck up?


you are a fucking clown.

GnR2 is one of the top 10 grime releases of the year without question...

if you can't afford 6 pounds to buy a CD at least have the self respect to keep your mouth shut about it...

Uh-oh, this is turning into the RWD forum.

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Just to let you know, I will be having Roll Deep on the show this New Year's Day for a full retrospective of some of their classic records and, previews of Rules & Regulations which is now finished and ready for a release.

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new years day show was heavy! i was coming down and that and some pro evo properly sorted me out!

btw me and autonomic think we've worked out that the so solid grime comeback was an elaborate (and peculiar) hoax :(

anyone thinks they know difference then say so!


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Dizzee Rascal and Semtex on 1xtra...

Quite interesting. Given his age (about the same as mine) I find Dizzee's knowledge of music pretty impressive. There's also a nice bit where he talks about writing I Luv U.

Any chance of another link to that New Year's show Logan? Missed it first time round...

Logan Sama

Thanks, i am glad people enjoyed the show. Had a lot of nice comments.

I am going to up the whole show tomorrow night in good quality

Logan Sama

Apologies for those waiting, I wasn't able to get the CD back up of the off air recording of the show today. I'll get it on Monday and upload it though, and will be doing so for all of my shows in the future, for the international listeners.

Just don't tell anyone.... shhh


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check tubby and wiley from 3rd december, up on barefiles.

wiley chatting about, and spitting over dubstep is jokes :)

Nice recommendation. I never know what to download off of barefiles with limited time and bandwidth!

Tubby's like a one man Stella Artois PR machine. Wish I had a can now man...


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Anyone hear the Movement on Westwood? They've got so swag.
their mixtape i haven't even listened to all the way thru yet...seemed a bit rubbish.

Giving Durty Goodz' Durty Wheel a listen - sounds excellent so far. Grime and hiphop with a bit of a dancehall flavour.
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Speaking of the Movement's mixtape, anyone who has it, could you YouSentIt to me? Or else tell me whether or not it is filled with dipset beats and tracks with sped up chipmunk voices.

I'd like to preview it, or else know whether this is the case before I buy the actual thing.