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Interesting. Is that because you’re Italian or for another reason?

Basically the question I was preoccupied with was why nearly all anti-feudal revolutions to proletarianise the peasantry took on (to various degrees) a marxist-leninist character of sorts. I found the aforementioned tradition unsatisfying, ditto trotskyism, and anarchism and Council Com tradition (albeit the latter two had some more correct observations.) And yet I thought it was wrong that most of the non-leninist traditions just through the baby out with the bathwater. I'm not an idolator of Lenin and the bolsheviks, for that matter, but to condemn Lenin as totalitarian mastermind seemed to be reverting back to the great man history condemned. The fact is Lenin and the bolsheviks had to deal with a highly agrarian society and in the countryside and outside of the proletarianised metropoles, forms that were still feudal and patriarchal. Needless to say in this sense, being Turkish-Kurd, we had a similar dynamic in our part of our world (in that sense Russia was always more asiatic than European.)

It was actually an American writer who peaked my interest in the Italian tradition, albeit I think he would probably consider me as too orthodox today. That is to say, if he wasn't very sick and hadn't disengaged from politics.

His website is down (as mentioned he is very sick and old) but I think it has been comprehensively archived on the wayback machine. there's a lot of good stuff on there.


anyway back on topic

Can't post from grauniad for some reason.

Arms maker BAE Systems makes record profit amid Ukraine and Israel-Gaza wars
FTSE 100 company says global instability is making government focus on defence spending
Jasper Jolly and agencies
Wed 21 Feb 2024 10.33 GMT
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Increased military spending prompted by Russia’s war on Ukraine and the Israel-Gaza conflict helped the British weapons manufacturer BAE Systems to record profits last year, with further growth expected in the year ahead.
The FTSE 100 company made underlying profits before interest and tax of £2.7bn on record sales of £25.3bn in 2023.
Shares in weapons manufacturers have surged in the past two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 made governments reassess their plans for military spending.
There have also been increased tensions across the Middle East since 7 October, when Hamas, which runs Gaza, killed 1,139 people in an assault on Israel. Israel has responded with months of bombardment of Gaza, killing nearly 30,000 Palestinians.
BAE Systems’ sprawling interests include building nuclear submarines and fighter jets, tanks and ships, as well as guns and ammunition.
Charles Woodburn, the BAE chief executive, said the weapons manufacturer was expecting “sustained growth in the coming years”.
“Instability in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world brings into sharp focus the vital role that we play in protecting national security,” he told reporters on Wednesday.
“While most of our order volume was driven by existing programme positions that predate the Ukraine conflict, orders to restock and upgrade heavy armour and munitions are starting to come through.”
Jarek Pominkiewicz, an equity research analyst at Quilter Cheviot, said BAE would benefit from a “growing recognition of the need to bolster defence spending”, particularly in eastern European and Baltic countries close to Russia’s borders.
BAE’s share price dropped by more than 3% on Wednesday morning because margins were slightly lower than expected, but remain close to record highs, valuing the company at almost £38bn. Its shares have more than doubled in value since February 2022.

https:// www. the guardian .com /business/2024/feb/21/bae-systems-profit-ukraine-israel-gaza-wars-ftse-100
Francis has frequently blasted the weapons industry as “merchants of death” and has said that wars today, in Ukraine, in particular, are being used to try out new weapons or use up old stockpiles.


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He’s Frank to His mates

get the pints in for Frank, round of applause to the Vatican just brush aside wwii and industrialised nonce-ing, think of the kids Biscetti, think of the kids (no, not that way …)


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Yeah, this is a standard trope of failed revolutionaries, sneering adolescents and reactionary conservatives, its one of Peterson's favourite lines in fact.

Ive known a few 'career' activists in my time. Other than being occasionally insufferable, they are generally committed, passionate, uncompromising, efficient and experienced workaholics who get things done. All qualities that we admire in pretty much every other profession. They are the Lenins, the MLKs, the Gandhis and Guevaras, and yes they do, presumably get some personal satisfaction out of their work. I wonder why it is that we dont see the same criticisms of nurses, doctors and humanitarians who show similar dedication?

There's a bit later on where he makes a wild leap from 60s and 70s radicals not getting much in the way of 'practical results' to them clearly getting into it as an ego thing. He seems to completely gloss over the fact it's incredibly difficult to get results and not getting them doesn't mean you didn't want them.


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How many times have you been Lourdes? See, you’re already trumped, hooked and late to the party, never mind baited

Santa is prime sex offender territory too, do you think the wife and myself allowed the brood to sit on some random zero background check perv‘s lap who wears a fake beard and gives out ‘free‘ presents?

Sometimes the absence of any breeding negates a wide enough perspective on who to trust your youth with, not always but with people like you yunno sometimes


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if you think that's grim, the idf released that footage to justify killing those people with snipers and tanks and then driving over their dead bodies.


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The US will establish a port on the coast of Gaza to receive large ships carrying humanitarian aid, senior administration officials said on Thursday.

President Joe Biden will announce the decision during his State of the Union address on Thursday evening, as well as the opening of a new land crossing into northern Gaza in the coming week to deliver assistance by truck.


The dramatic step highlights rising tensions between the US and Israel. The Biden administration has been increasingly critical of Israel’s failure to allow the delivery of more humanitarian aid via land routes, which is far more efficient. The US over the weekend began airdropping food aid along the Gaza coast.



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GENEVA, March 8 (Reuters) - Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories have expanded by a record amount and risk eliminating any practical possibly of a Palestinian state, the U.N. human rights chief said on Friday.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk said that the growth of Israeli settlements amounted to the transfer by Israel of its own population, which he reiterated was a war crime.



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More food for thought, for anyone who managed to sit through that funny ass debate. I’ve just started the first video. @mixed_biscuits you will be happy to know all the posts of mine in this thread which you’ve liked were prompted by thoughts in response to a man who calls himself The Last Marxist


@mixed_biscuits you will be happy to know all the posts of mine in this thread which you’ve liked were prompted by thoughts in response to a man who calls himself The Last Marxist
What are you doing hanging with lowlifes like that? If one judges the utility of thinkers by net lives lost or gained Marx is by far the least effective thinker in human history.