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Do you know if these guys are Neturei Karta, or what?
Fairly sure they're the ones from the sect that follows that Hungarian dude. Quick google suggests that's the same thing. one of the guys I (failed to) talked to couldn't speak English I think a lot of them only speak Hungarian

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they were selling gaza from the river to the sea baseball caps in shadwell so i got one for craner.
Reminds me of the time I went to Lebanon and bought a Hezbollah T-shirt as a present for a mate back home.

Don't think he ever wore it, the ungrateful sod.


I listened to bits on a CD stall in a Paris FNAC and thought YEAH, MAN, this stuff's HEAVY and it's got ATTITUDE.
In fact two stalls down, with a crumpled Blink182 ticket still in his jeans pocket, a young @dilbert1 was listening to the 10th minute of Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity as a fat salt tear rolled gently down his cheek. He had realised he would never be able to dig this and that admittance to the top tiers of musical appreciation would be forever barred to him.