Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
I went to give blood this morning and when the nurse asked me if I had any questions, I said "Yeah, actually. On the questionnaire, why does it ask if you've ever had sex while high on any drug, even weed?" She said "It's because it removes all your inhibitions." Which is fair enough, I mean, we're all men of the world here, right? Who among us hasn't enjoyed a quiet spliff with their wife or girlfriend and immediately got the urge to run out of the house, find a prostitute to have unprotected anal sex with, and then mainline some smack using a borrowed needle for good measure?

It's funny that "any drug" presumably doesn't include alcohol, as if they refused blood from anyone who's had sex while drunk, they'd pretty much be limiting their pool of potential donors to observant Muslims and virgins.


Cat Malogen
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