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you didnt watch the joe rogan interview? thought you'd be all over that.

I've seen the clip where he pretends to smoke the joint, but nothing other than that. I imagine the tone of that one's very different as I can't see Rogan being adversarial.


"hella" is kind of cringe here (no offense, HMG, you wouldn't know local context), even worse if spoken as opposed to written. often used by douche-y people on twitter who think they're much cooler than they are.
In England - as here - "no offence" is ALWAYS followed up with a brutal, cutting insult.


Several times today I've seen a video of Elon dancing (well, shuffling around with his hands in the air like any other overweight, overage sweaty bastard) in the crowd at some mega-party event type thing. Can't find it on youtube though.


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it's great that he describes bellingcat as a company that does psy-ops and gets no pushback on it though

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It adds to the weird lack of affect. Nothing matters.

There's something very appealing in the idea that people in positions of power and/or great wealth are robots or aliens pretending to be human. The whole 'lizard-people' thing. Obviously it shades into antisemitism very easily but it can give rise to great memes.