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Finished an hour early and the house is stirring, let me spare you adjusting your sig too @Mr. Tea in a rumble of foolishness

You honestly don’t have the chops to debate language, small c celtic and/or the relationship between revivalism and protest. Anglesey and Gwynedd isn’t Wenglish valleys but you at least know this little

Just as the recent Bannau Brycheiniog farce was comedy, the difference is you aping people you don’t understand. You don’t have a Welsh-based upbringing like Craner so, with the greatest disrespect, stfu

You don’t have a mother whose ‘Cymru-Cymraeg’ family wanted nothing to do with the English establishment, Westminster reps or freaks like Julian Cayo fuckin Evans either you absolute unit and you lack the insight to recognise even a fraction of this content

Speaking to your Nan on the beach in a certain tongue isn’t the behaviour of cranks and needn’t become a political act either but Anglo supremacists are never happy unless a corpus is hung, drawn n quartered. That’s why I, at least, use certain identitarian ribaldry in this thread:

Dissensus is not a safe space for the Welsh.

Most of all, you definitely haven’t been to enough funerals in the north of Ireland to even remotely comment on fuck all related to the actual up close and personal elements of militant sectarianism and trauma to hate all of it or season humour in addressing and rising above its extreme darkness. You’ll understand that what comes next is best for everyone ….

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